Please note: Voice of Warriors Founder/President has taken a position working for a large national nonprofit organization assisting military veterans and their families. We are very excited for her! She has volunteered the past 8 years assisting military veterans. Four years volunteering for Christian Military Wives and four years volunteering at Voice of Warriors.

Fundraising is very difficult these days, as is finding dedicated volunteers to tackle the huge task of running a nonprofit organization.

As Patti transitions to her new job, we have all decided that we will begin the process of dissolving Voice of Warriors. Patti has volunteered over 40 hours a week for 4 years dedicating her time and energy assisting military veterans and their families.  This was a very hard decision, however – funds are low in these economic times and volunteers are far and few between who could volunteer their time to run Voice of Warriors properly.  We encourage you all to reach out to great organizations such as Operation Injured Soldiers, Wounded Warrior Project, Hope for the Warriors, Operation Homefront, and others listed on the Operation We Are Here website.

We will be donating all VOW funds to a Michigan based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that caters to disabled veterans of all eras who have been injured in combat. More information will be posted after we are further into the dissolve.

Thank you ALL for supporting our military veterans and their families. We truly love each and every one of you.

Team VOW



In the meantime, we encourage you to visit OPERATION INJURED SOLDIERS: a Michigan based 501(c)3 organization serving disabled veterans of ALL eras.