Reaching out to our Veterans

Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, January 8, as Voice of Warriors and Give an Hour partner to bring you some great ideas and effective ways to reach out to our military and veteran population.  What better time than now, with the new year upon us and resolutions being made. Voice of Warriors partners with Give an Hour on the second Tuesday of each month to bring valuable … [Read more...]

Veterans and Self Medication

More and more military veterans are turning to self-medication as a solution to the problems they brought home from war.  Veterans are using prescription drugs, alcohol, and illegal drugs to deal with the physical and mental pain of life after combat. Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm EST as we discuss the topic of self-medicating.  Guests on the … [Read more...]

Our Inspiration: The Red White and Blue

The whole inspiration of our life as a nation flows out from the waving folds of this banner.  ~ Author Unknown Thank you to all who have worn the uniform and served this great nation so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms of the United States of America. … [Read more...]

PTSD or TBI got you turned around?

Has PTSD or TBI got you turned around?  Veterans, if you are living with post traumatic stress or a traumatic brain injury, please know that Voice of Warriors is here to help you find direction.  We VOW to support you and your family! … [Read more...]

Meeting the Needs of our Women Veterans

When our veterans are mentioned in conversation, does your mind automatically bring up the image of men?   I think most of us can answer yes to that question because the majority of our veterans are male, however, there are many women who have put on the uniform of our Armed Forces and they are often overlooked. Ginger Miller, a Navy veteran and military spouse will be joining … [Read more...]

Talking to Veterans

Have you ever put your foot in your mouth when you were talking to someone?  Sometimes our intentions are good, but we simply say the wrong thing.  Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, October 16, at 7:00 pm EDT to discuss some of the ways we can be sure to say the right thing to our veterans and their family members.  If we can come to a better understanding about where our … [Read more...]