Should Failed Suicide Attempts Result in Punishment?

Military Suicide Punished

Should military commanders have the authority to court-martial troops who try to commit suicide?  Believe it or not, there is a Marine who is currently appealing his case. He was convicted of “self-injury” after slitting his wrists in his barracks in 2010. This is not the first court-martial and it likely won’t be the last.  Behind closed doors, our troops in all branches are … [Read more...]

Ask Dr Diaz about Conflict Resolution

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How do you resolve conflict?  We might as well face the fact that we all need help in this area.  No two minds think alike, therefore, we are bound to see things differently from just about everyone else on the planet at one point or another. Living in close quarters with our family members will eventually cause clashes, and if you are living with a combat veteran, you may … [Read more...]

Music Therapy on VOW Talk Radio

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Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, October 2, at 7:00 PM EDT when we will be discussing the value of music therapy in our veteran community. Ed Roth will be joining us to share, from the therapy standpoint, how beneficial music can be in the healing and recovery process after combat.  Rick Thompson, a self-taught musician, serves as a drill sergeant in the Army Reserves … [Read more...]

Perfect Storm: Cold Turkey Withdrawal


It often seems like prescription medications are given out like candy.  Sometimes it seems like the doctors aren’t really listening, and after giving us less than five minutes of their time, they send us out the door with multiple prescriptions and bid us with the common farewell of “See you in three months!”  With an overburdened system, our veterans often take matters into … [Read more...]

Get a Grip on Stress

get a grip on stress

Are you stressed out?   Most of us will answer, “Yes! Isn’t everybody?” Even though we all have plenty of good reasons to be full of stress, it doesn’t mean we have to live our lives full of stress.  Join us on VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, September 4th, at 7:00 pm EDT as we discuss how to get a grip on stress.  Dr. Anthony Macioce, of Homefront United Network, will be joining … [Read more...]

Sending Military Kids Back to School

Back to school2

It’s hard to believe it is already time for the kids to go back to school.  As summer winds down and we start sending our kids back into the classroom, we start to wonder and worry about how well our children will make the adjustment. If your family has just been through a deployment, is currently living through a deployment, or you have one coming up in the near future, it’s … [Read more...]

PTSD Survivors

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Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 7:00 pm EDT to hear our interview with Eddie Bryant, founder of PTSD Survivors of America. Eddie will take us on a walk in his shoes and what it’s like to live with PTSD. Eddie served in the Army National Guard and was injured in an IED blast during a deployment. He has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress and … [Read more...]

Life After Combat and Our Military Kids

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The invisible wounds of post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury are on the minds of every military family.   We see mention of PTSD and TBI every day in the news, but we don’t always see the mention of the invisible wounds that are being suffered by our nation’s military kids. Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, at 7:00 pm EDT.  We will be talking … [Read more...]