The Joey Hart Story September 24, 2013

Joey Hart

Joey Hart was a man who impacted lives all around him, including that of our very own Patti Katter. The loss and pain suffered by those he left behind became the push behind many of those he touched to reach out and impact the lives of those around them. Among those people impacted are his sister, a close friend of his, and veteran advocate Andrew Pogany. The victim of an … [Read more...]

Veterans and Self Medication

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More and more military veterans are turning to self-medication as a solution to the problems they brought home from war.  Veterans are using prescription drugs, alcohol, and illegal drugs to deal with the physical and mental pain of life after combat. Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm EST as we discuss the topic of self-medicating.  Guests on the … [Read more...]

Should Failed Suicide Attempts Result in Punishment?

Military Suicide Punished

Should military commanders have the authority to court-martial troops who try to commit suicide?  Believe it or not, there is a Marine who is currently appealing his case. He was convicted of “self-injury” after slitting his wrists in his barracks in 2010. This is not the first court-martial and it likely won’t be the last.  Behind closed doors, our troops in all branches are … [Read more...]

Handling the Holidays

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How do you deal with the holidays?  Though many of us view the holidays as special times filled with fun, family, and celebration, these days can be extremely stressful and difficult for many. Maybe you have lost a loved one who will not be celebrating with the family this year.  Perhaps you are a veteran who lives with Post Traumatic Stress.  The extended family may not … [Read more...]

Ask Dr Diaz about Conflict Resolution

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How do you resolve conflict?  We might as well face the fact that we all need help in this area.  No two minds think alike, therefore, we are bound to see things differently from just about everyone else on the planet at one point or another. Living in close quarters with our family members will eventually cause clashes, and if you are living with a combat veteran, you may … [Read more...]

Music Therapy on VOW Talk Radio

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Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, October 2, at 7:00 PM EDT when we will be discussing the value of music therapy in our veteran community. Ed Roth will be joining us to share, from the therapy standpoint, how beneficial music can be in the healing and recovery process after combat.  Rick Thompson, a self-taught musician, serves as a drill sergeant in the Army Reserves … [Read more...]

Learning to Live with PTSD Volume 19

learning to live with ptsd

I don't even know where I want to start. The violence around the world right now is just out of control. I don't like what is going on and it is making me feel out of control. I have been having all kinds of crazy dreams about being back in the Army and fighting terrorist. I wake up sweating and out of breath. It all feels so real while I am there and then I wake up and feel … [Read more...]