Dr. Elizabeth Jacobi of the Music Medicine Institute on VOW Talk Radio, September 3, 2013

Dr. Elizabeth Jacobi, a professional opera singer, a delegate to foreign cultural programs, and a student of a well known doctor from Harvard, has devoted a great deal of her professional life toward her research and development of music therapy, including founding the Music Medicine Institute. At MMI the staff of doctors, interns, and volunteers works to “enhance the quality … [Read more...]

Veterans and Self Medication

More and more military veterans are turning to self-medication as a solution to the problems they brought home from war.  Veterans are using prescription drugs, alcohol, and illegal drugs to deal with the physical and mental pain of life after combat. Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm EST as we discuss the topic of self-medicating.  Guests on the … [Read more...]

Handling the Holidays

How do you deal with the holidays?  Though many of us view the holidays as special times filled with fun, family, and celebration, these days can be extremely stressful and difficult for many. Maybe you have lost a loved one who will not be celebrating with the family this year.  Perhaps you are a veteran who lives with Post Traumatic Stress.  The extended family may not … [Read more...]

Meeting the Needs of our Women Veterans

When our veterans are mentioned in conversation, does your mind automatically bring up the image of men?   I think most of us can answer yes to that question because the majority of our veterans are male, however, there are many women who have put on the uniform of our Armed Forces and they are often overlooked. Ginger Miller, a Navy veteran and military spouse will be joining … [Read more...]

Veterans Take the VOW

Every day, veterans are joining us here at Voice of Warriors and taking the VOW to support our troops and veterans.  No one understands better than another combat veteran.  Contact us if you are in need of support or if you are a veteran who is looking for a way to support your brothers in arms.  We VOW to make a difference! … [Read more...]