The Joey Hart Story September 24, 2013

Joey Hart was a man who impacted lives all around him, including that of our very own Patti Katter. The loss and pain suffered by those he left behind became the push behind many of those he touched to reach out and impact the lives of those around them. Among those people impacted are his sister, a close friend of his, and veteran advocate Andrew Pogany. The victim of an … [Read more...]

Building Dreams with Our Military Kids

Have you heard of Our Military Kids?  Join us on VOW Talk Radio and hear our interview with Greg O’Brien who will be sharing all about how the nonprofit helps dreams come true for the children of our National Guard and Military Reserve personnel deployed overseas, as well as the children of wounded warriors from all branches. Our Military Kids awards grants to pay for … [Read more...]

Veteran Caregiver is a much needed organization. If you are the caregiver of a disabled veteran, be sure to check out their website. Click the Heading at the top of this article ( to view the Veteran Caregiver video. … [Read more...]