Reaching out to our Veterans

Join us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, January 8, as Voice of Warriors and Give an Hour partner to bring you some great ideas and effective ways to reach out to our military and veteran population.  What better time than now, with the new year upon us and resolutions being made.

Voice of Warriors partners with Give an Hour on the second Tuesday of each month to bring valuable resources and information to our veteran community.  Dr. Kent Corso will be joining us each month for these great shows.

Dr. Corso is a clinical health psychologist and board certified behavior analyst.  He is a prior U.S. Air Force officer and an OEF veteran.  Dr. Corso completed his graduation education at the American School of Professional Psychology.  For several years, he has conducted clinical work and research with military members, their families, and veterans.  Dr. Corso is the clinical director for Give an Hour.

Give an Hour is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of the troops and families affected by the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The organization provides counseling to individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents. The network includes 6,500 psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, drug and alcohol counselors, pastoral counselors, and other professional counselors.

This show is for everyone so don’t miss it! We will be sharing ways for you to get involved in your community to support our veterans. We will also be sharing support initiatives for our veteran community.

To listen to the show live, click here.  If you can’t listen to the show  live, you can download the show 24/7 from BlogTalk Radio and iTunes by clicking here.



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    I am a veteran and was looking for Mental Health Counselor with the VA in my local area of Green Bay WI and they told me that there is a 3 month wait but they would allow me to do fee for services when I found a mental health counselor.

    I have been working for a private practice for Dynamic Family Solutions in Green Bay, sheboygan and Manitowoc area. There are few specialist trained counselors in these area even though we do have a PTSD center for Vets. Dynamic Family Solutions specialized in trauma and other variety services. This Center is expanding to Door county and Fondulac services. The problem is the small towns are hurt the most.

    I wanted to do a word by mouth to help veterans in my local area to provide services for mental health because of my experience with trying to find services which I am still looking. I can seek Dynamic Family Solutions because I work for them as a counselor.

    Thanks for Listening to a frustrated Veteran..
    Lynn Geiser

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    After writing the services of Mental Health I wanted to touch on the passion why this has been so difficult to me and very important.

    I was in the active army from 2001-2004. During this times I dealt with a variety of mental health problems that was brought on while I was in. From being told that I had to give custody to someone to take care of my son while I was active duty. I gave custody to the father of the child but when I got to my base I was able to have my son so I fought in court to win him back this process took two years and even after the fighting Wisconsin found it unsafe for me to have him on a military base. The only reason why I recieved him because he was physically abused by step-mother and I was then immediately given full custody. I received him 2003.

    I believe because of the hopeless feeling and the lack of support I became sick. I was not able to perform my job properly. I was at home 3-4 times a week for a 9 month period. Continously gone to Va doctors and they kept telling me it was gastro problems, emotional problems and fibromylagia. The Gastro problem found out I was allergic to MSG and Army used alot of this. Which it was all true. When I became sick I was working on getting a medical discharge. In the process my commander stepped in and I ended up having 3 article 15 within a 2 month period. During the 9 month period I went from doing my job to sitting in the commanders office unless I was seeing a counselor 2x a day. I wanted to contact an attorney but that was prohibited. I did not realize I had PTSD until I was completely out of the military. I was having a hard time functioning, I felt like a zombie, I came home slept and woke up just to go back to see the commander. I was put through a court hearing and numerous amounts of threats through higher officials. I was powerless. What saved me through this rough time was the second counselor. The first counselor found out was connection to the First Sergent that sexual assaulted me so I refused to see him and requested someone new. The second counselor really listened and did not judge me in the time of need. After I got out of the military in September 2004 with a dishonorable discharge because of the 3 Article 15’s I fought back in my own way. I requested an upgrade which I eventually recieved 2 years later. During the time I recieved no benefits no disability compensation but did continue to go to school to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. I did recieve my MGI Bill and Disability Compensation for my continous medical condition in 2006.

    So the reason why I am so passion was because of the trauma and PTSD I encountered by the lack of empathy from higher officials and the wrong reasons for getting out of the military. Fighting to get my benefits I deserved was what allowed me to become powerful and to realize that PTSD took over me for so many years.

    Even though I went through a rough time I would never wish this upon anyone else. If they did go through this then I want to be there for them to show them a positive and powerful direction to take instead of being stuck with PTSD signs and symptoms. There is a light at the end of the Tunnel.

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