Meeting the Needs of our Women Veterans

When our veterans are mentioned in conversation, does your mind automatically bring up the image of men?   I think most of us can answer yes to that question because the majority of our veterans are male, however, there are many women who have put on the uniform of our Armed Forces and they are often overlooked.

Ginger Miller, a Navy veteran and military spouse will be joining us for VOW Talk Radio on Tuesday, October 23, at 7:00 pm EDT to discuss the needs of our women veterans and her efforts to make sure these needs are being met.

In addition to overcoming homelessness, raising her sons, and caring for her husband who is a disabled veteran, Ginger created John 14:2, Inc. and Women Veterans Interactive to meet all women veterans at their points of need.

John 14:2, Inc is a nonprofit organization whose core mission is to assist military veterans and their families experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness to reintegrate back into the community, retain permanent housing, maintain sobriety, and regain their pride, dignity, and most of all, hope.

As Ginger worked with the veteran community, she began to notice the significant increase in the number of homeless women veterans with children.  Understanding this personally, she realized more was needed and she created Women Veterans Interactive, a division of John 14:2, Inc. that is dedicated to specifically serving and supporting women veterans.

Ginger is the president and CEO of John14:2, Inc. and Women Veterans Interactive.  She is also the chairwoman for Prince George County’s Commission for Veterans, the commissioner of Maryland Commission for Women, and a member of the Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council, the Maryland Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Committee, and the Maryland Veterans Resilience Advisory Council.

To listen to the live radio show, click here.  If you are unable to listen to the show live, you can download the show from BlogTalk Radio or iTunes by clicking here.