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Voice of Warriors offers an array of Military Veteran and Military Family Veteran public speakers.  For more information on our speakers, please click on a speakers name on the links below.  You may email to obtain booking information.

Patti Katter

VOW Founder & President, VOW Talk Radio Co-Hostess 

Patti Katter is the Founder and President at Voice of Warriors.

Patti’s husband was injured in May of 2007 by the enemy while serving in Iraq. He has been diagnosed with TBI and PTSD ,along with other problems due to his combat in deployment. Patti is a passionate advocate for military men and women. She strives to educate communities on how they can better support military veterans and their family members.




Mollie Grywalsky

VOW Vice President, VOW Activities Director 

Mollie is the wife of a Marine OIF veteran. Her husband was injured in 2003 in Iraq when his humvee was hit with an IED. He has PTSD and TBI. Mollie became a part of Voice of Warriors to help other veterans and their families and to tell our story in hopes of preventing others having to fight the same battle we did. We are living in our “new normal,” together raising our four children. Mollie is an ultrasound tech as well as being a caregiver to my husband and mother to our children.